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AR for schools can build the most interactive learning experiences, to help students to learn in a more effective way. AR technology is great for objects and concepts demonstration. In 3D it gives more information than simple illustrations in schoolbooks, and it could be used  as addition to it.

You can look at how lessons in chemistry could be demonstrated with the help of AR. For example, you can view different elements interactions and transformations, with the help of cards with different elements illustrations. When camera of your device see only one illustration it views only this element in 3d. If camera see two of them, on a quite large distance from each other, application view two elements in 3D. When it sees them closely to each other – it viewing the process of the interaction and transformation, and the result in the end.

AR for schools could be executed in web AR formate, so the students doesn’t need to download the application. Schoolbooks can already contain QR codes with the links, following to the web AR pages, so when user scan it with the camera – he simply gets to these pages. He can use this QR code or illustration near it to view an AR content.

The best benefits of using such solutions – you can collect all sessions data and view it your lms. It can help to boost students performance, as well as help them to improve their creative skills.

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