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AR for learning illustrations is a solution designed to help students who wants to learn illustration. This solution is able to track white list of paper, to place the guide-lines over it. This solution also track student’s drawing line and giving him prompts and feedback about what’s next.

The big benefit of this solution is ability to guide through all the learning process step by step, not depending of student’s skills level. Important thing to know about any skills development – is a number of repetitions. The more repetitions you make the higher you skill become. Another thing is – ability to copy successful examples. So, in case you repeating execution of the best examples you can develop your skills the fastest way.

AR for learning illustration can help kids (from the age of four), as well as adult students. The best options of this solutions are process automation, drawing tracking, and marketplace connected with Sketch AR. The learning process build this way:

  • Student select the picture he like
  • He adjusting the smartphone in front of clear list of paper
  • Application view drawing in AR mode
  • Student start drawing based on the guiding lines he see in AR

After student has finished his sketch, he can share the result to his friends. Another option is to use marketplace to promote there his artworks.

AR for learning illustration is on of the best examples of how AR can help in skills trainings and learning. Here you can read more about benefits of AR for learning.

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