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The number of digitized places

AR metaverse is a digital world, where users can interact with digital objects and operate virtual assets, connected with virtual objects. It is connected with real world with the help of economics/tokenomics transfer portals. Thus can be exchanges (centralized and decentralized), marketplaces etc. This digital space also could be connected with the real world objects and places, as well as digital assets could be connected to the real world assets, so user could operate real world assets through operating virtual assets.

AR metaverse is an AR part of metaverse representation, where you can view AR objects on the top of image of real world. Basic example of such AR metaverse is Pokemon Go app. You can use AR to view stand alone objects, or you can augment real world objects, buildings and places.

You can gamify common real life interactions with the help of AR, making them more engaging and pleasant. Such approach can improve UX of the public areas, malls and airports, just like in case of using AR navigation example. The difference is in the ability to make economical actions.Also, you can build new monetizing mechanics, based on AR interaction. AR metaverse now is a term which is not determined, and it’s meaning will be changing for the next few years.

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