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AR games for malls is a kind of AR for marketing solutions. It uses very same mechanics as in AR navigation or AR games for marketing. Users can play different AR games in stores, as well as they can interact with AR objects, attached to product packaging or stores design. Also, we can implement AR assistant inside such solution, so users could get additional information about brands and products. Another option is to add indoor navigation module, to guide users inside the mall.

There is a good intersection with a marketing purposes also. We can add to the app brand associated content, attract some specific audience. When we speak about brand, it could be also some movie or a game brand, so we can use characters and decorations from the movie for example.

Such solution example is AR game for malls:  STAR WARS. It was launched in 2018 in shopping centers in the North America. This case shows how malls can monetize loyal users attention, adding some brand-associated content to their places. Users could find special AR cards in different places, to play mini games and get bonuses. Also, they made a lot of AR photos and videos in the places those cards were placed.

AR games for malls is a good option to entertain the audience while shopping. It can help parents to keep their kids busy while they shop.

The best way to combine all the options for different brands could be an AR loyalty platform. This platform gives ability to use different AR solutions to gamify your loyalty program. You can use it for 3d content placement in specific geo coordinates, or to attach it to some 2d markers. Also you can moderate game scenarios and bonuses inside this platform.


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