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Streets AR navigation is a kind of outdoor AR navigation. In fact, it is a next form of simple streets navigation you can see when you use google streets map. Actually, google already use streets AR navigation in most locations. What are the benefits of AR mode in case of street navigation? The first of all – obvious indication of objects located in the same building, including objects on different floors. The second – when you use AR navigation you look through the camera of your smartphone, so you can see both navigation objects and surrounding environment. It is more comfortable than looking alternately around and at the smartphone screen and it is also more safe for the user.

As we told in our other case about outdoor navigation, another benefit of using AR in outdoor – is a fact, that you building a digital layer for metaverse around you. This means you will be able to use it later in more extended way, for interaction with the phygital objects around you. Another strong opportunity of streets AR navigation is ability to place 3d digital objects near your places. User can interact with it and it leads to users engagement growth. Another big benefit of streets AR navigation is ability to collect spatial data about users behavior. In future the data could be used for marketing purpose, as well as for user experience improvement.

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