AR presentation for aviation

AR presentation for aviation play

AR presentation for aviation by Lufthansa at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg. In you can select different aircraft, for example the A320 or the B737, and watch the work with the details of these aircraft in augmented reality. This solution was a resounding success with trade show visitors, journalists and company staff.

Such solutions can be focused on a few things, if we speak about AR application:

  • Wow effect, to attract and keep visitors attention during the offline expositions
  • Sales funnel automation (in the part of product presentation)
  • QA sessions automation

If we speak about webar, there are few available goals more:

  • Increasing awareness with the help of combination of TV/outdoor marketing campaign and AR campaign
  • Increasing conversion to action on the website product’s page

So, AR presentation for aviation is a way for manufacturers and sellers of aircraft equipment to increase number of sales. Another good reason to develop AR presentation is PR cause – news media are still interested in materials about innovative approaches in sales, marketing and production. These are external ways of AR implementation. But there are also internal ways to get value from AR implementation. For example, AR simplify the way new employees can be introduced to the product. You can automate product’s benefits presentation to your new sales manager, without wasting a time of your experienced manager.

Implementing AR presentation for aviation you also can automate user’s data collecting, as well as call to action automation at the end of the automated sales script, to get the user on the purchase or contact page.

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