Marketing AR experience for automotive

Marketing AR experience for automotive play


Brand interaction growth, comparing with regular online advertising

Marketing AR experience for automotive helps to engage the user into interaction with a brand. Such interaction build positive user experience and builds strong emotional connection between brand and user. This can lead to user’s loyalty growth and sales growth as outcome. Marketing AR experience for automotive can be used in online and offline mode. The best application in offline mode are different exhibitions, where you need to make a great experience for your audience. AR solutions helps to give users ability to interact with virtual twin of the product. Moreover, user can not only interact with virtual product, but be inside virtual interactive scenario. This scenario can give the user a unique experience, connected with a product.

All AR experiences are about giving users intensive positive emotions, as well as memories they will never forget. Marketing AR experience for automotive can bring user into virtual world, where he can interact with his dream product. For example, you can show your user how your vehicles would look like after 50 years, and also place the user in the futuristic environment. Another great option for user is ability to generate content based on virtual world. He can take a picture of futuristic car with a real background. He also can place himself in this virtual world, and make photos and videos where he is standing near this futuristic vehicle.

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