AR booth for try-on

AR booth for try-on play

AR booth for try-on is a directly-from-the-future thing, which can appear almost in every store in a very short period of time. Since now, you don’t need anymore to store all the clothes models and sizes in your store. You just can place an AR boost for try-on, which will replace giant store-houses and will give your customers ability to try-on any model and size of clothes they need, virtually.

Today, almost every clothing factory use digital patterns of clothes in production. The same patterns could be used for clothing digital twins, to make them fit properly on the people with different clothing sizes. So, if you have all digital patterns, you can make digital twins of your clothing collections to use it for AR try-ons. After all digital clothes prepared, you just need to upload it it to the platform.

To use AR booth for try-on, user need to enter his parameters into the system – height, weight, size. After that, user can just select clothes he wants to try on, and view it in AR mode over his body. Actually it looks just like you trying the real clothes in front of the mirror. Benefits of this solution are huge – you can reduce the size of your stores to the minimum. Also, you can use such AR booths standalone in multiple public areas to order clothes at your apartments.

Here you can read more about AR implementation forĀ  clothing

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