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Marketing AR booth is a very good way to be closer to your fans. It is a way to give them ability to get closer to their idol, and make some personalized content with him. Such approach makes all interactions with the user personal, so they feels strong emotional connection. They can share such generated personalized content with their friends and on social media. You can make different customized experiences, and you even don’t need to spent celebrity’s time – all could be done virtually. This is also great for fairytale and non-existing characters, such as Pokemons or Michael Jackson.

Brand can place such marketing AR booth in public areas, to attract more attention and turn the audience of a booth to the audience of event or movie. It can use 3d animated scenes, or pre-filmed green screen video as a content, placing it near the user. User can use his voice to control AR booth functions, or just use interactive UI. Marketers can motivate users to share branded content in social media with bonuses and prizes to boost the effect of such marketing campaign.

The best use cases of marketing AR booth assumes outdoor and TV advertising, to make huge awareness. It boosts engagement and conversion to visits. Personalized content and AR campaign boosts user’s loyalty and ltv.

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