AR for shoes

AR for shoes play


Number of times brand's awareness increased

38 300

Number of users remembered interaction in AR

30 сек.

Average session time

AR for shoes could be used in multiple ways. One of the most efficient ways is a virtual try-on. But shoe business is just one of the fields in global clothing market, so you can implement any AR for marketing solution you want. For example, it could be an AR masks in Instagram and Facebook.

Actually, Instagram and Facebook AR platform is very powerful – the only limitation you have here in comparison with AR app, is a size limit. You have to fit your effect in a size of 4 mb. But in terms of ability to track different types of objects, or speaking about tracking quality – you have it all here, in the best quality. So, using Facebook AR platform you can view 3D AR objects, you can add animations and interact with it. Also, you can make different facial effects, like make up, or face distortion. How you can use it for marketing and why it’s effective? Instagram and Facebook gives you a high performance marketing platform, distributing your effects in a world scale. You can promote your effects, using targeting advertising, or you can promote it with the help of bloggers or search in AR effects catalogue.

In the AR for shoes case you can use 3D objects viewer to show your shoes models to different types of audience. You also can use re-marketing after it. Or (what’s more simple), you can just make viral branded make up filter. You can distribute it with the help of beauty bloggers. Such marketing campaign will boost your awareness and bring a lot of new users to your website.

In the case of “Greats” (premium sneakers brand), they used all of it. They made a digital shoe, and made it to spin around users had. Also they used funny face distortion, to make effect viral, and they implement branded elements in this effect. They boosted they audience by almost 40,000, just with the help of this AR campaign.

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