AR game for shopping center

AR game for shopping center play

10 000 000+

Number of interactions in 12 months


Unique scenarios

85 sec.

Average session time

AR game for shopping center is a best form of user activity, to boost engagement and customers loyalty. User can not only to build the route to the point of interest, but can entertain on his way. Such AR solution can offer multiple options for the brands featured in the mall. Brands can use this application as an interactive platform of gamified loyalty system. They can build game quests in it, offering users prizes and bonuses for in-game achievements. For example, they can connect AR objects and discount coupons, or hold prize drawings among those who found a special game object.

Another interesting option is communicating with AR assistant while you shop. It can entertain you, or tell you where to find what you need. Also, you can take part in a competitions, when you need to play some games and beat a score of other player to get a prize. The AR platform by itself can offer users great AR experiences, which are built in the context of the shopping center. You can see beautiful animated characters and make photo with them.

AR game for shopping center is a great solution for both the mall and the tenants, to increase activity inside. You can navigate your users to the destination points! You can entertain them, and you can give the ability to get some prizes!

In the presented example 7-eleven developed such AR game for their shopping center. User can follow the navigation elements in AR mode to reach final destination in the rout. Also, user can play with the virtual assistant, play more than 30 unique AR game mechanics in different stores. Solution made 10,000,000+ engagements in last 12 months – 3,500,000 interactions with virtual Deadpool, 2,000,000 interactions with Fall Football.


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