Mixed reality for medicine

Mixed reality for medicine play


Failure risks reduction


Training process speed increases by

Mixed reality for medicine is a very powerful tool. It helps to automate training processes, using AR navigation objects. Ability to visualize 3D objects and other AR objects over the main image – is a strong benefit of using mixed reality for medicine. Every issue and failure while medical operations produces high risks of patients health or even can cause death. That is why using mixed reality is so effective. One of the options while using it – is remote assistance. Remote assistant with a high qualification can increase operations efficiency and reduce risks.

Another approach is training process automation. Every training course can be represented as an AR scenario, viewing all the process and operations in it step by step. Mixed reality for medicine solution can even have ability to recognize failures and wrong steps to notify user. User can control functions of the mixed reality solution with his voice. Also, user can run examination process to get actions evaluation automatically.

Solution has web CMS, where instructors can view users progress inside LMS. Another option of this CMS to develop courses, making new lessons and uploading new content.

Important function of this mixed reality for medicine solution is recording video of user sessions. It helps to get outcomes from mistakes and failures and improve work process. This MR solution could be implemented for surgery, dental surgery, physiotherapy and many other medical operations.

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