LikeXR in the partnership with In3D took part in Niantic’s contest. We developed a world-scale AR solution, based on Niantic’s ARDK. Solution is an AR game, using In3D solution to generate users avatar after scanning user’s body by device’s camera. Also it use ARDK to scan the space around user to generate digital layer over it.

In our case we generated Mario-like surrounding, where the user should control the character to run through obstacles and collect bonuses. User’s character can jump over lava, as well as jump at the in-game objects to collect bonuses. In-game objects and lava-areas generated considering the user’s environment. For example, user can use real chair as natural elevation to jump over lava. Lava generation is also based on a multiple conditions of the surrounding, so user can use surrounding to avoid lava.

Benefits of ARDK are very wide. Ability to develop context-based AR giving developers almost limitless possibilities. Starting form making offline real-world object interactive with attachment of AR interfaces to them, to gamifying almost all offline user-scenarios, like shopping, or visiting the museum. AR indoor and outdoor navigation could be also based on this ARDK digital layer, if it will be connected to Niantic’s VPS.

ARDK is a next step on the way to metaverse, especially it helps with ability to design UX of a new level. If you want to know more about AR implementation for the real world, you can read our articles:

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