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Public speaking in VR is a very popular solution helping to improve user’s soft skills. Solution by itself represents IT platform, which is connecting VR application with a cloud LMS. It also has a web interface, where administrator can configure users accounts, users sessions and users data.

The main benefit of this solution is immersion – it helps to get a high quality user experience, real life-like. That means, that users can improve their skills during the sessions, where they speaking in public, surrounded by virtual characters and real users. Such experience gives them idea about how they will feel during the real public session. They can train different tricks and strategies, without real risk for their reputation using public speaking in VR.

This solution can offer different modes:

  • offline mode with only virtual characters around the user
  • online mode with real users around
  • p2p sessions
  • different scenarios of communication (for example hiring and firing employees)

Besides different sessions modes, in public speaking in VR user also can try some specific features. For example, he can train AI based characters in some specific setting, to understand better how to communicate with this type of audience. Also he can train goal oriented dialogues, to train for example his sales skills. Another option is training stress tests for different situations, to increase skills of acting in cases of emergency.

Public peaking in VR is a big opportunity for public speaking training automation, as well as for improving the way users communicates with each other.

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