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Customer Service Representatives Prefer New VR Program Over Traditional Means


This is how the number of dissatisfied customers decreased


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VR for HR solutions helps HR department to improve processes, help to make employees onboarding more simple and much more. The most common approach for such solutions is to automate communications. It works with the help of specially created workspace, as well as multiple scripted scenarios. Also, the very common way for automation is using AI to simulate dialogues.

Solution by itself is a combination of cloud LMS, VR for HR application and AI features, developed for dialogue simulations. Regular user session works that way:

  • Teacher selects the mode and specific scenario for student’s training, using LMS online access (usually in web).
  • Student use VR headset, logging in with his account.
  • After login he appears in the specific scenario with enabled mode, selected by the teacher.
  • Student goes through the scenario, depending of the mode
  • Depending of the mode he gets results of finishing the scenario:
    – First option – he used learning mode, he is getting access to the next lesson
    – Second option -it was a  training mode. As a result he is getting the report about his user session, which tells him what mistakes he made and what he needs to learn better
    – If he used examination mode, he is getting report with his actions evaluation.

Besides these modes of VR for HR solution user also can take a part in multiplayer sessions with collaborative tasks, as well as use free interaction mode, where he can communicate with other users.

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