AR booth for outerwear

AR booth for outerwear play

AR booth for outerwear try-on is a kind of AR booth for virtual try-on. It helps customers to check if clothing they want to buy fit their needs. Especially it helps to understand how clothes looks when it’s on. Just like in common clothing store, when you try-on real clothing. But in this case, you don’t need so much place to store clothing – you only need one AR booth to give customers ability try every item they want. AR booth for outwear gives even more comfortable UX, because you don’t usually need such a precision when we speak about outerwear.

Clothing brand can use such AR booth for outerwear in different public areas, to boost brand awareness. Also, it can help to develop your online sales, because it increases the number of sales points. One of the problems of online sales is a low conversion to purchase (so the cost of client is pretty high). Another problem is a high level of returns. Both of these problems are caused by the lack of ability to try on clothes. It leads to a lack of customer satisfaction, when he gets clothing. Very often he imagine clothes looks different than in reality, so when he see real look it upsets him.  AR booth for outerwear solves this problem – you can just place it nearby the client apartment so he can come to try-on clothing he interested in and make an order

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